We are happy to welcome Harry Turtledove into the treehouse!

Thirty Days Later, the latest anthology including many Treehouse Writers, will be released on May 28th, at the Clockwork Alchemy convention in San Jose, California.
Joining this merry bunch is alt-history giant Harry Turtledove. Mr. Turtledove attended Clockwork Alchemy last year, selling books and giving presentations. We asked him if he’d be interested in contributing to the anthology and he agreed!
For a full listing of all the authors of Thirty Days Later, go to The Authors of Thirty Days Later


Thirty Days Later, so close

…I can taste it!

The Advance Reading Copies have been sent to reviewers, final edits in progress … yes, it’s almost Thirty Days Later!

Working with a publisher and professional proofreaders really upped our game this year. Plus we hired a professional cover designer and WOW, did she make it pretty! Keri Knutson from Alchemy Book Covers did an outstanding job.

We had such a good time with Twelve Hours Later…

We decided to do it again. Almost before the ink was dried on Twelve Hours Later, we started talking about a sequel. Our little anthology was well received by the folks attending Clockwork Alchemy and it is such a nice way to feature the authors of Clockwork Alchemy so we decided to create Thirty Days Later.

We have a few new authors involved this year. Thirty stories ranging from steampunk (of course) to historical fiction to alt-history. I once again donned the mantle of editor, joined by AJ Sikes and Dover Whitecliff. We are working with a publisher, Thinking Ink Press and the anthology remains, in part, a charity effort to raise money for California library literacy programs.

More details to come…

Twelve Hours Later is now available!

After many months of creation, collation, revision, more revision and a bit of teeth-gnashing and hair-pulling on the part of the Chief Cat Wrangler, the Treehouse Writers are pleased to announce the availability of Twelve Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Legend!

The newest in Steampunk flash fiction, with each tale occupying a single hour of time. Fill your day with these yarns of thrilling adventure – and heroics, of course! Hold your teacup steady in hand as you wend your way through trials of suspense, mystery, and espionage. Cringe and hide your eyes from the horror, or perhaps simply step aside and let it go clattering by, coughing and belching gouts of steam and exhaust as it does.

The Treehouse Writers have come together in the must read Steampunk anthology of 2015. We invite you to join us and immerse yourself in our worlds of myth, legend, and lore.

Welcome to the Treehouse!

The Treehouse Writers are a loosely banded collection of wits, mavericks, and misfits. We publish original works with small presses or as independent authors. Our novels range from penny dreadfuls to action adventures to supernatural romance and more.

We recently collaborated on “12 Hours Later: 24 Tales of Myth and Mystery,” a collection of stories re-imagining lore from ancient Egypt, Greece, Japan, and others.

A devoted nursemaid braves mythical Japanese spirits to save a little girl’s life…and brings down the wrath of a demon on the girl’s father.
Two daredevil American adventurers encounter the Lord of Death and race to stop him from killing London’s top industrialists.
A set maker’s apprentice explores the depths of the Paris Opera House and unwittingly discovers the diva’s secret lover; a man he thought was only a legend.
An Academy romance turns deadly when two young cadets encounter clockwork horrors in Edinburgh’s underground city.
A lady archaeologist turned adventurer must use her wits and intelligence to save both Britain and herself.

and much more…

Our release party happens at the 2015 Clockwork Alchemy steampunk convention in San Jose, California over the Memorial Day weekend.

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