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Volcano Lady #4 is here!

One of our own just published the FOURTH book in her Volcano Lady series!

The Volcanolady's Blog

The_Volcano_Lady_Vo_Cover_for_KindleIt is with great pleasure and joy I get to announce that the Volcano Lady #4: The Lidenbrock Manifesto is available for order.

You can get your copy one of three ways – hardcopy from Amazon, ebook copy from Kindle (Amazon VL#4 Link)

or …

You can come visit me at Clockwork Alchemy, Memorial Day Weekend, at the DoubleTree Inn by Hilton San Jose, CA.  I will be in the author’s alley all weekend long.  I promise a great convention rate on this and the whole set of Volcano Lady books – Plus an autograph if you would like one.

Author Notes:  Whew!  That was fun.  I have to tell you that this book really struggled to get out.  As is so common for any person creating something new, I found this project wanted to be written at its own speed and in its own way.  Yet, as…

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We are happy to welcome Harry Turtledove into the treehouse!

Thirty Days Later, the latest anthology including many Treehouse Writers, will be released on May 28th, at the Clockwork Alchemy convention in San Jose, California.
Joining this merry bunch is alt-history giant Harry Turtledove. Mr. Turtledove attended Clockwork Alchemy last year, selling books and giving presentations. We asked him if he’d be interested in contributing to the anthology and he agreed!
For a full listing of all the authors of Thirty Days Later, go to The Authors of Thirty Days Later

We had such a good time with Twelve Hours Later…

We decided to do it again. Almost before the ink was dried on Twelve Hours Later, we started talking about a sequel. Our little anthology was well received by the folks attending Clockwork Alchemy and it is such a nice way to feature the authors of Clockwork Alchemy so we decided to create Thirty Days Later.

We have a few new authors involved this year. Thirty stories ranging from steampunk (of course) to historical fiction to alt-history. I once again donned the mantle of editor, joined by AJ Sikes and Dover Whitecliff. We are working with a publisher, Thinking Ink Press and the anthology remains, in part, a charity effort to raise money for California library literacy programs.

More details to come…