New releases from the Treehouse

A number of the Treehouse Writers have new books available this summer.

Edited to add Sharon Cathcart’s newest release, Bayou Fire.

T.E. MacArthur released The DOOMSDAY RELIC, featuring Professor Lettie Gantry. This brand new adventure starring the Volcano Lady is in serial format.

Kirsten Weiss has another installment of her cozy mystery series A Perfectly Proper Paranormal Museum Mystery available. Get your copy of Pressed to Death through Kirsten’s web site.

If military zompoc is more your cup of tea, check out AJ Sikes’ Emergence, available only on Kindle.

Anthony Francis finally succumbed to all the begging for Jeremiah Willstone (from his Later stories) to get her own book. Jeremiah, if you’re not familiar with her, is a “a woman who travels in time, fights for what’s right, and kicks ass!” The book is titled Jeremiah Willstone and the Clockwork Time Machine.

Harry Turtledove, is wrapping up his Hot War trilogy. Look for the third installment of the Hot War series, Armistice, as well as paperback versions of the first two books in the series.




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